Our Business Plan summary 2025–30

Highlights from our ambitious plan

Great quality water every time you turn on the tap

Improving water quality for 1.4 million customers

Safeguarding water supplies for over 2 million customers

Investing £975 million in a programme to build a more resilient network, fixing leaks and replacing 950 kilometres of old pipes and mains

Improving resilience so we can halve the chance of having a hosepipe ban in the future

Our largest ever environmental investment programme

Improving the quality of our rivers by reducing storm overflow spills by 60% over the decade to 2030

Protecting and enhancing over 500 kilometres of rivers and improving our bathing waters and shellfish beds

Strengthening our network against increased rainfall to reduce flooding of homes and businesses

Working with local authorities to separate rainwater from our systems so we build more resilient communities as we all respond to the impacts of climate change such as flooding

Doubling our financial support for those who need it . . . making sure nobody gets left behind

Providing £525 million of affordability support for one in six customers who may be struggling to pay their bill

Installing 900,000 smart meters to help homes and businesses use less water and save money

Driving benefits for the North West's economy

Providing great quality skilled jobs, attracting much-needed and sustainable investment into the North West economy – we expect our plan would support 30,000 jobs across United Utilities and our supply chain

CEO profile image

Louise Beardmore

Chief Executive

CEO profile image

Louise Beardmore

Chief Executive

Highlights from our ambitious plan

The fantastic region we serve

The North West has a thriving culture built on a world-renowned legacy across food, literature, sport, music and entertainment.

Our region is diverse and has been shaped by multicultural communities. It’s the birthplace of Kendal Mint Cake and scouse, classic literature like Peter Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland. It boasts numerous world-renowned sports teams. It’s the region that brought the world The Beatles, Oasis and Harry Styles as well as the bright colours of Manchester Pride and bright lights of Blackpool Tower Ballroom and Media City. It is underpinned by a rich diversity – home to Europe’s largest Chinese community and Britain’s oldest African community. The North West is somewhere we are proud to call home.


Over 7 million people and 200,000 businesses – by 2050 we’ll serve around 1 million more


The fourth smallest region by size, with the third largest population and home to 25% of England’s dairy herds


Our communities are diverse and have different levels of prosperity and needs

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Levelling up is a priority, and devolution is advanced with 2 city regions

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12% of households are affected by water poverty, more than 50% higher than the national average


40% more urban rainfall than the industry average


New environmental requirements are driving unprecedented long-term investment


Over 90% of drinking water comes from surface water sources


A legacy of industrial heritage and heavy manufacturing based on Victorian infrastructure


A growing economy which contributes 10% of national GDP

Our region

map of region
Regional population distribution
North West population by age range
Urban population
Identified vulnerability in the North West
Stronger, greener and healthier

Providing great water for a stronger, greener and healthier North West

Stronger, greener and healthier

How our plan provides a stronger, greener and healthier North West

paper with lines on it

Helping people with their bills - doubling our support to



Investing in our region, enabling growth by upgrading


of water mains

pipe splitting into two pipes


reduction in interruptions to your water supply



customers helped by our financial support schemes

Dripping tap


additional litres of water to ensure a reliable supply of water

Stronger, greener and healthier

How our plan provides a stronger, greener and healthier North West

Leaking tap


reduction in the likelihood

of a hosepipe ban

Magnifying glass



new high quality skilled jobs

leaking water

Reducing leakage by



Helping homes and businesses save


litres of water

Stronger, greener and healthier

How our plan provides a stronger, greener and healthier North West

Thunder storm



to reduce spills from over 400 overflows


Investing around


to improve bathing and shellfish waters

Earth with a leaf growinf off of it



hectares of SSSI to enhance biodiversity and water quality


Protecting and enhancing over


of rivers, spending over £900m to reduce nutrients

Hand with plant growing in its palm


reduction in the number of pollution incidents

Earth with a leaf growing from its side

Spending £196m to reduce carbon emissions by


(against 2020 baseline)

Stronger, greener and healthier

How our plan provides a stronger, greener and healthier North West

Twisting pipe

Delivering a


reduction in sewer flooding in homes and businesses



reduction in water quality contacts

Floatation ring

Enhancing safety at


reservoirs for people to enjoy their visit


Replacing lead pipes at






of the Vyrnwy Aqueduct, improving water quality for over 500,000 people

Person swimming

Improving bathing waters

for recreation

We’ve been working with stakeholders and customers to develop our understanding of unique needs across the North West’s five counties. This means we can develop plans that are more relatable to the communities we serve.

Here you can download a summary of our plan for the entire North West region as well as summaries for each of the five counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

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Regional summary

County summaries:

plan cover


plan cover


plan cover

Greater Manchester

plan cover


plan cover

(including Halton)

County summaries: